Cordia Japanese Chins


Welcome to Cordia Japanese Chins. We are preservation breeders and AKC Breeders of Merit.  Our dogs are beloved members of our family and show dogs second.

Perhaps the most important change in dog breeding is the availability of genetic testing. Here at Cordia Japanese Chins, we do all genetic testing prior to using dogs in the breeding process. We also provide you not only the test results, but post the contact information for the laboratory that did the analysis.

In our "ABOUT" section you will find the breed standard for the Japanese Chins. Please take time to find out what we are using as our basis for beeding. We do not have a lot of litters because we breed for breed preservation and to meet the criteria in this standard.

Our "FEATURED DOGS" section you will find information related to the males and females which are the foundation of our breeding program.

In our "COMPETITIONS" section you will discover some of the historical information of the shows, agility and other competitions our dogs have competed in.

If you are interested in pedigrees, you will find this information in the "DOCUMENTS" section.

You will find information related to upcoming litters and the availability of puppies in our "LITTERS" section. You can also get on our Puppy Waiting List and fill out our "Buyer Questionnaire" in this area.

All of our contracts and hold agreements have been automated and you will find them in our "FORMS" section.

If you have any questions Just Ask!